Welcome to the official WinterCo. Shared Space Rental Program, our program alliance is called Cyno.Up. Instead of just renting 1 system our members are allowed to use a large number of systems. With our program we try to provide a wide but full experience to our members with all segments of nullsec life; ratting, mining, High-end Moon mining/reactions, 10-10 running, and if they like even pvp without a mandatory requirement, but only a single monthly membership fee.



  • Stable nullsec home as a full coalition member without PVP or any additional requirement
  • Endless sites for ratting , mining, escalation(10/10) running
  • Pi tax region 0,02%
  • Possibility to own your own medium structure
  • Active Rental management 
  • Possibility to receive guidance to grow your corp in order to join another pvp oriented Winterco alliance.


Points of contact:



Ingame channel= Cyno.up Recruitment


Region and systems:





Systems are upgraded for mining. At current Eve is still in its resource defocite mode so asteroids are small and belts are quickly mind out. They do respawn after a few hours. Mining barges, exhumers, porpoise are preferred, but an Orca or Rorqual can be used at own risk. 


Public moon mining

Every day a R64 or R32 moon will pop in the region, and is open for our members to mine. On this we want to offer a piece to everyone, so pay close attention to the rules.


In the region there are refining facilities for refining of all materials. T2 rigged Tatara`s.

All set with a flat 2% tax ( non debatable).



Systems are upgraded for ratting ( the null sec NPC killing). CCP implemented a new bounty system recently that still is being adjusted. Rogue drones don't give loot, but instead give a ISK payout. Special spawns can give sentient loot, blueprints, chips.

Be aware of the chance a NPC carrier or supercarrier spawns. Subcap rattingboats can't handle them. Ask for assistance!! Sites will respawn in another location after completion.

Escalation running 10-10 rogue drone hive

Some high end ratting sites have a chance of escalation, it will give a popup and a location in your journal. The excavations are called Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive. Those sites can be sold or you can run them 


here an example

Market trading

The region has a local tradehub RF-X7V Gives a easy overview

The only Certified Jump freighter service in Winter Coalition

5/5 Stars in Service

5/5 Stars in reliability

5/5 Stars in Delivery time

For all our shipments from Jita to RF- Yutu Mover

Private structures

All our members are allowed to have structures.  <See in policies>


Questions? Contact


Discord : -RV- Wolf#6567

EVE: The Real Wolf